COLORS - Cluj Napoca

COLORS – the biggest and the most complex project of our company, that would transform a warehouse type space from Cluj Napoca into a commercial space. The complex in its final form would include:

a) international cuisine restaurant with a Japanese cuisine at sight. We created a café-lounge space on the ground floor in the access area from the parking lot and terrace, to communicate with the terrace, and on the first floor a space strictly designed for meal serving and mini events (banquets, birthdays, etc). The arrangement of this space was made starting from the quadratic shape of the space by applying a design based on arc shapes to warm up the space and to make it more inviting and attractive. The plants included in the project along with the warm colors have contributed significantly to the overall final appearance of the Colors restaurant;

b) terrace for dining and private parties . The direct connection between the restaurant and terrace had influenced the approach of the modern style through open and vibrant colors - green, flooring and natural plant;

c) multifunctional hall events for weddings, corporate, conferences, expositions, etc. This room was set up from the draft stage as a modern, airy room that with minimal effort and time can go from a festive event like a wedding to a company party or a theme party;

d) cafe by day - the club. It was designed for different firm events, proms, banquets and presentations. Therefore the central bar was installed in the middle of the 500 square metre room , and cut in two parts by a glass-made catwalk, LED illuminated;

e) swimming pool – in the club concept. Designed for loyal customers, with the possibility of mini gym in the morning, pool and bar in the afternoon, private parties and birthdays in the evening.

The whole project took into account the initial state of the building (square-shaped hall) that we wanted to turn it into a warm and friendly space with curved lines and organic shapes, pastel colors and pleasant sight. The materials used were carefully chosen in terms of the quality / price ratio because the considerable size of the space meant a significant investment. The furniture was partly custom made to fit perfectly in the selected areas and the lights and decorations of the whole complex have been imported directly from the foreign manufacturers.

COLORS - Cluj NapocaCOLORS - Cluj NapocaCOLORS - Cluj NapocaCOLORS - Cluj NapocaCOLORS - Cluj Napoca